Victims - Witnesses - Survivors

My sister Emma died from an opiate overdose on October 2, 2012. She was 57 years old and struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of her life. I tell myself that it was not suicide but rather an accidental overdose washed down with a quart of vodka. I promised her that I would paint her portrait if she went to rehab. I did and she did, but she relapsed five years later. Now she is gone and so this is the best I can do.


There is so much suffering for us to understand and try to fix. My sister was an alcoholic and addict. This was personal.  I decided to devote my art to all victims, witnesses and survivors of intolerance, discrimination, addiction and violence. 


  They Have Faces

Of course, it is never just one person that is impacted, and it is never simply an isolated instance. The faces in the exhibit reflect the faces of those affected.  


I listen to the stories - families and communities devastated. It is all there - terror, intolerance, indifference and helplessness as well as resilience, resolve, forgiveness, love and hope. 


Some viewers thank me simply for acknowledging them while others talk of action. 

I want these paintings, along with associated presentations and discussions to start conversations, to cause people to respond and maybe feel the emotion and ultimately to take action before it is too late - to be part of the solution.


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The Physical Exhibit

Victims – Witnesses – Survivors, closed at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in August of 2019. Following this it opened in Atlanta at the Lowe Gallery accompanied by significant media coverage. The exhibition is booked through 2021 but is available in 2022.


I am now looking for additional venues for this exhibit which focuses on fundamental issues of our time - intolerance, discrimination, addiction and violence with its victims, witnesses and survivors.

The following is a listing of past, present and future exhibitions of Victims - Witnesses - Survivors and thematically related shows. The exhibits vary in size but all retain the same or similar core paintings.

    2017 - Boulder Creative Collective, Boulder CO

    2019 - Sunny Art Centre, London UK

    2019 - Oklahoma Univ of Science and Arts, Chickasha OK

    2019 - Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA

    2020 - Den Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait (postponed)

    2021 - University of Colorado - Denver, Denver CO (upcoming)

    2021 - Foothills Art Center, Golden CO (upcoming)


At the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, this exhibit occupied approximately 230 linear feet of wall space with 30 paintings. In Atlanta, it occupied more than 400 linear feet with 50 paintings.


This exhibit is expandable beyond 600 linear feet with additional paintings currently in inventory. Alternately, a core of key paintings can be displayed in as little as 100 linear feet. Concurrent shows are also possible. 

Because of the COVID 19 situation, I developed a video version of this exhibition. Contact me for details.