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I consider myself a traditional artist now incorporating technology into my practice. In 2010, I began to seriously draw on my iPad. These are repurposed high-resolution images of my own large-scale unfinished paintings, in-process work, and original digital drawings which I re-process with various digital tools. I add a range of new elements and enhancements which may include various marks, masks, graphic overlays, animation and sound to the base image which I then reproduce as an individual image or video. They are prepared for HD display on TV monitors, as on-line presentations or as projections as large as theater screens.


I have a range of NFT ready sizes and formats. The following examples have all been specifically prepared for display on 4K/8K TV monitors or NFT displays. Many are shown in 16x9 portrait mode but most can be easily reformatted for a 1x1 square display.I also produce some as high-quality print images bonded on aluminum composite panels. 

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