Laine 23
Destiny 7
Laine 16
Zoe 1 80x60 in
16x9 Willie 14a
Britain 6 80x60 in
Laine 9
Emma 3 80x60 in
Destiny 23a
Laine 23
Laine 8a
Mirna 2a
Rheanna 9
Sara 2a
Destiny 24a
16x9 Alexus 6a
Jacqueline 6
Laine 13
Sarah 7 80x60 in
16x9 Destiny 13
Willie 12 80x60 in
16x9 Laine 7a
16x9 Priscila 10a
self p 45 psd.jpg

An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times - Nina Simone