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Initial NFT offering on Zilliqa NFT Curated Art Marketplace

Here is a selection of 12 hybrid digital/conventional paintings. I have around 50 currently available. They are all 4K resolution. The first three are sized specifically for a 4K TV/monitor in portrait mode. The others are square. Also in my inventory I have short videos and GIFs featuring my paintings. And I have in-process images of several of my works which I morph for an interesting effect.

I am combining traditional paint on canvas with digital technology. These are repurposed high-resolution images of my own large-scale unfinished paintings, in-process work, and/or original digital drawings. I continue to work on them on my iPad where I add a range of enhancements which may include various marks, masks, graphic overlays, animation and sound to the base image which I then reproduce as an individual image or video.

Initially I am inclined to offer the first three images, which are sized for a 4K TV/monitor in portrait mode, as 1/1 editions priced at $3500 each. The next nine square images I would like to try as 1/100 editions priced at $500 each. 

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